Culture & Consequence

by Francis Friday

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This album was recorded during a very active period in my life. I had just started a new job which required lots of travel; in a one month period I had been to 4 cities in Mexico as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. I had also just completed a tour through the Mississippi Delta, which had a profound influence on me and my music. During this time I was also mixing an album a friend had just finished recording, rehearsing for a 10th anniversary reunion gig with my old band, Nerve Generator, playing keyboard in a side project, and taking night classes at Parsons. Also my sister got married and Barack Obama became president.

This was the fastest I'd ever worked on an album. The bulk of the material was written, recorded and mixed in just 1 month!!! The music really just came out of the blue. I had just finished Tomorrow is Here Today and wasn't planning on new material. But I was inspired and decided to just go with it. I'm really proud of this album; I think it's my most cohesive with no weak filler. I recorded it in my new home studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This was a great loft apartment that allowed me the opportunity to spread out and get creative.


released July 7, 2009

All vocals and instruments by James Botha



all rights reserved


Francis Friday Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Heaven is a Mighty Good Reason
Heaven is a mighty good reason
to stop your sinning, to see the lord
Way up in heaven I will find my way
to true salvation is here to stay

Holy pure water is flowing
from top 'yon mountain to gulf below
I want to bathe in that wholesome river
so I can be so close to the lord

Heaven is a mighty good reason
to get to know him 'fore judgment day
Oh let me touch the hem of his garment
so I can walk down that lone highway
Track Name: She Loved Lavender
She loved the smell of lavender
I loved the smell of her
She knows to think it over
She knows she thinks it's over
I want to think of her
Track Name: She Was the One
She was the one
But I had to let her go 'cause I didn't want to make up my mind
It's a story that'll never be mine

And if you thought I never opened up my feelings
and showed my heart unto the world
And if I could read about it and figure out the answer
and reassure me of my dreams

She was the one
But I had to let her go 'cause I didn't want to make up my mind
It's a story that'll never be mine

And if I made you sorry that you ever knew me
then I'd turn and say goodbye
But if we learned our lesson then we could stick together
And we could make a brand new start

She was the one
But I had to let her go 'cause I didn't want to make up my mind
It's a story that'll never be mine
Track Name: Something in the Way
Happiness can save my life, it's different today
In all my years I've paid the price, it's happening in this way
It's just the way you look that makes me want to write the book
About the words that fill my head today

Something in the way you walk is making me OK
With consequences overlooked, the wiser years will say
It's just the things I fear that make me want to disappear
And never walk the streets of fire away

Little lonely fiver steer is chasing all the golden deer
Like angels falling from the sky, I wonder if I'll ever try
To hold you in this open minded way

Something in the way you breathe just makes me understand
As children join the latest scene, their happiness be damned
I wish you loved me too, the way I used to pamper you
And lead me down the avenue today
It's something in the way it seemed, that happened in a future dream
A golden child is being born today
Track Name: Lonely Girl
If you loved a boy who never talked to you
Would you think he was lonesome too?
Thoughts are with you from a time you never knew
In your dreams he loves you
Write your words on stationary wrapped in blue
Could you dare? It's up to you
Waiting for the consequences of your move
Here he comes for you
Track Name: No One
Warm feelings in the Sunday sun
Where everyone is moving their bodies
I'm sitting in a shady tree, come look at me
The freak who is unhappy

No one, the cards they show no one
No one, the cards are showing no one

Ghost whispers in your inner ear
I'm out of here, and lights in your window
Paint dries and then it's all undone for everyone
You look and there's nobody there

No one, the cards they show no one
No one, the cards are showing no one
Track Name: Love You To Death
Why can't we have another kiss?
An opportunity not to miss
I won't judge you or be unkind
For jealousy is just a state of mind
And I won't walk out that door
'Till we get what we've been waiting for

Why can't we have a glass of wine?
'Cause people do these things all the time
I'll walk you through it and show the way
And be so happy most everyday
And I won't live another lie
So we can give it another try

Now it's been a couple years
And I can taste my inner tears
I can't tell you what I fear
That I love you to death
Track Name: April Song
When the moon is shining so bright
and the wind is blowing tonight
There's that look again in your eyes
Like a softly hidden disguise
You're an open book, full of nasty look
and it's a wonder that you're with me at all

When the sunshine turns into rain
You're not with me to feel the pain
As the dew drops melt in the sand
and the clouds all cover the land
Can I take my time with an empty rhyme?
As the winter slowly turns into spring
Track Name: Hope
Hope can be the honest answer to the faction
We're leading up to all the action
of open minds and big attraction
Where credit cards can never do you wrong

And high is low, and fast can turn to achingly slow
The vision that you saw last night is
soft and darkly in disguises
Where nothing ever wanted them to be

And love is all a question that we both can answer
So lay it on me quickly as I count the stars that lead me tonight
and hold me close as ever what you see

We hold our hands
The placecard saves the page from turning
A thousand trees are never burning
and gentlemen are always learning
About the one you never really knew
Track Name: Natural Pet
When I feel like dying I hold a cross above my head
When I feel like crying I kneel upon the sacred bed
Natural Pet, I hold my nose up to a cigarette
Natural Pet, Can you blame me if I don't get wet?

More than just a feeling, it wakes me up from blissful sleep
Hold me to the ceiling and hop the fence like counting sheep

I don't know when to do it
I wish you'd smile like the man on the moon
I guess you'd have to lose it
I'll make up stories why I left so soon

Natural Pet, I hold my nose up to a cigarette
Natural Pet, Can you blame me if I don't get wet?
Track Name: Gutter Song
Sleeping in the gutter
Writing on the wall
Open up your suitcase
Try to take a fall
Empty-headed wishes
Sound is drawing near
Wish that you were with me
Like you're never here
Yeah, yeah, yeah